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Local Artisans: Supporting Lake Country’s Craftsmen and Artists


Celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship of Lake Country's talented artisans and artists.

Here are some local treasures by Lake Country artisan and craftsmen waiting to be discovered and supported

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Lake Country Fine Arts School and Gallery

Immerse yourself in the world of art at the Lake Country Fine Arts School and Gallery. This vibrant hub showcases the work of local artists across various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and more. From captivating exhibitions to hands-on workshops, the gallery offers opportunities to engage with and support the thriving arts community of Lake Coun

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Charles Dix Gallery

Step into the Charles Dix Gallery and experience the beauty of contemporary art through the eyes of acclaimed artist Charles Dix. Known for his bold and dynamic paintings that inspire, Dix’s gallery is a must-visit destination. Explore his mastery of color and composition, and take home a piece of Lake Country’s artistic legacy.


Thomas William Furniture - Woodworker

Marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship of Thomas William Furniture, where every piece tells a story of skill and dedication. From stunning tables and chairs to intricately carved cabinets and chests, each creation is handcrafted with precision and passion. With a focus on quality materials and timeless design, Thomas William Furniture offers heirloom-quality pieces that add beauty and warmth to any home.

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Bryan Becker Clay Werks

Experience the tactile beauty of pottery at Bryan Becker Clay Werks, where master potter Bryan Becker brings clay to life with his creative vision and expert craftsmanship. Countless masterpieces await you in the retail gallery, each crafted by over 100 national artists renowned for their expertise in clay, metal, glass, wood, fiber, mixed media, and exclusive jewelry designs. Becker’s clay creations are sure to delight and inspire!

Supporting Lake Country's artisans and artists not only enriches your life with beautiful creations but also helps sustain a thriving creative community.

Whether you’re adding a piece of local art to your collection or attending a workshop at a fine arts school, your support ensures that Lake Country’s artistic heritage continues to flourish for generations to come.

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